One of the fundamental components of the rehab programmes at Agility Physiotherapy is the co-contraction. This is a term used to refer to the muscles of either the upper or lower limb working together (or synergistically), in order to allow forces to travel effectively through the limb and be dispersed throughout the rest of the body. If these co-contractions are not in place, that is to say, a particular muscle group is not doing its
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28th April 2019

ProSport Refresher

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This weekend has proved to be incredibly productive after I completed a 2 day refresher course, following on from a 3 month mentorship programme with the Prosport Physio team in Huddersfield. The ProSport Academy is run primarily by Dave O’Sullivan – the current head physiotherapist for the England Rugby League team. Dave’s teachings form the fundamental principles for the way any patient will be treated when they come to see me at Agility Physiotherapy. This
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